Life is busy, chaotic and sometimes totally crazy! Here are two easy ways for you to connect inwards and bring you to a place of balance and clarity.

Hands on your heart: At any time you need to during the day, in any place you are, practice this to connect and bring you to centre to help release anxious feelings and tension.

Place both hands flat on your heart space at the centre of your chest. Take a deep breath in and say to yourself, “I am safe. I am calm. All is well.” This simple practice done regularly relaxes your body and mind and helps reduce anxiety and stress in the body.

Take three conscious breaths: Stop what you are doing and earth your feet to the ground. It is nice to be barefoot and spread the toes wide but it can be practiced anywhere with or without shoes and socks.

Set your intention by thinking about what you want to do next. You are going to take three breaths with awareness. The simple breath you take will be practiced in rounds of three.

Breathe in to the count of three, pause for count of three and release to the count of three.  Take three conscious breaths throughout the day to regain your focus, reduce anxiety and provide mental clarity. Please remember to listen to your body and if you need to breathe a little shorter or pause for a shorter time please do. The exhale is wonderful when it is longer so enjoy the release 🙂

Thanks for practicing!