MORNING YOGA resumes on Monday January 7th at 10am ?❤️

Classes will run every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 10am.
Looking forward to seeing you all again after the break and adding on more classes to the schedule, in time.
This year Pregnancy Yoga will be resuming and Kids Yoga and Family Yoga will also make the schedule. I’d love to do it all now but as the saying goes you can do it all, just not all at once…
Evening classes will be back again soon, not with me though this year as I like to be home for bedtimes, stories and the chats ?? I’m still trying to find the right balance with the boys, my yoga practice, teaching & all the day to day jobs to keep the cogs turning.
I’m realigning and simplifying life once more at the start of the new year and trying to make things fit so will keep you posted.


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