If you are struggling with your energy levels and your self-control, you need to make sure your body is charged and used effectively. When you lose energy your self control goes down too and tasks feel harder to concentrate on. It’s important to manage your energy from once you wake up. When we are stressed we are thinking about the past or worried about the future. These are some actionable tips to manage your energy and stress. Without judging them or convincing yourself you’ve heard it before try to re-engage and pick one that resonates with you.

  1.  No phone time before breakfast. Give yourself your morning before looking at your phone. Don’t use your phone as an alarm clock as you will get lost in messages, social media and news that will end up stealing your energy and you will be maxing out while still under the duvet. This will define how your day goes. You will either have energy, enthusiasm and focus or you will be drained by social media before you get out of bed. Studies have shown that notifications on your phone trigger stress and feelings of anxiety so not the best way to start your day. Wake up to the sounds of nature or your favourite music, open the window listen to the birds. Listen to a morning meditation, on a different device, not your phone. Read an affirmation or a positive quote and get up out of bed, ready to face the day with positive energy. Gratitude. What am I grateful for today? Choose one thing and that will also help to boost your energy for the day.
  2. Do not start your day with emails. Not only for when you get out of bed but also when you actually start work. We unlock our phones 110 times per day and when we look at emails and messages constantly we lose energy and time. Studies have shown that emails cause stress and you start your day reactively and not proactively as you are completing someone else’s to do lists and requests not yours. You are working to someone else’s priorities not yours and your productivity is lowered significantly. Turn off your notifications and or your phone to get deeply absorbed in a task and avoid being worn down. Set a standard to only respond to messages and emails during work hours.
  3. Prioritize your goals the night before. Have a weekly goal and 3 daily goals to achieve it. With longer goals, break them down to achievable sections.
  4. Prepare. Lay out your clothes, have a breakfast prepped and pre-pack your bag if you are going somewhere when we get to go again 🙂 It will save you time and stress, and could save a morning gone wrong!
  5. Question meditation – if there is something you are trying to figure out that you worry about too much. Sit quietly with that question over the course of the week for a few minutes only everyday. See what comes to you.
  6. Visualise how you want your day to go, set the intention of how you need to see yourself calm, centred, insightful, kind, confident, courageous or of service? This will be specific to the day you have ahead. Visual the process you are focused on and how you want to be.
  7. Be compassionate and kind to yourself and others in the morning. Try to do things with kindness instead of under pressure. Multiple studies have linked self compassion with better moods, increased motivation and positive characteristics.
  8. Practice your breathwork for a few minutes. A balanced nasal breath 4/4 or 6/6 or breath of fire to activate energy are both good ways to start the day.
  9. Practice yoga 🙂                                                                Choose one thing at a time and see how it works out for you 🙂 Go easy on yourself, go gently.