This targeted mobility training course includes a series of yoga and movement practices to help unlock tight hips, reduce back pain and shoulder tension and release tight hamstrings.

Would you like to be able to move more freely and have a greater range of motion?

Do you think you’re not progressing in your sport as you’re lacking the required range of motion? (weigh lifting, cross fit, running etc)

Are you tired of feeling pain in your lower back, hips and shoulders? Are you hamstrings constantly getting injured?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this mobility programme is for you. You will discover active and passive movement practices to increase flexibility and strength and reduce tightness and pain.

You will need some yoga props for your practice including a long belt or a scarf and a yoga block or a couple of firm cushions. You are invited to sign into your account and practice with the prerecorded videos from within your Membership dashboard. The videos are exclusive to your Inishowen Yoga account.