“Massive thanks to Odel for opening my eyes to the benefits of hot yoga. I play football and went to the studio about a year ago after I’d ruptured my hamstring I decided to take it up. It proved to be a good decision as over a short period of time my range of flexibility went from being one of the worst at the club to probably the best. I had an injury plagued season until I went to practice yoga at the studio and have played in almost every game since. I would definitely recommend it to anyone athlete or not, after a session of yoga it definitely has a positive effect both physically and mentally. As for Odel you couldn’t ask for a better teacher she makes sure everyone is well looked after and has set up a nice calming environment that adds to the experience”
Rory Patterson, Derry City FC Player and Top Goal Scorer in the League of Ireland

“I used to have real problems with a weak lower back caused by lifting weights. Thanks to strengthening it at hot yoga over the year I am pain free and like a new man. The classes are great and I always sleep really well now”
Brian Crampton 

“I didn’t realise how out of sink my body was until I started practicing hot yoga. The classes do so much for not only your bodies flow but also your mind. I work better and I am generally happier after classes. The classes are excellent and Odel is a great teacher too”
Brendan Devenney Former Donegal and Finn Harps player.

“Hot Yoga helps me to cope with day to day struggles of work and family, I can deal with things with less worry :) Thank you. ” Mary McL

“I love hot yoga because it helps to keep me balanced and flexible in body and mind”
Maggie McKeever

“Hot Yoga is the best exercise ever and not just in a physical sese. It also helps me deal with stress. If I miss classes, I can feel it, not just in my body but also in my mind. My favourite pose is tree pose, because it makes me feel very grounded. Overall it makes me feel great and I would recommend it to everyone. Sometimes it’s challenging but definitely worth it in the long run. I’m a much happier and well balanced human being because of it”
Diana McLaughlin

“Feeling relaxed and amazing” Francesca Porter

“Shamazing! Totally relaxed and stress free” Aisling McGee

“The way my body feels after hot yoga class is something else. I have tried other yoga classes in the past and this is the best one” Jennifer

“I don’t enjoy the hot classes as much as the warm flow and the Yin Yoga is my favourite class. I love the meditation at the end” D.Quigley

“I love hot yoga because it stretches my body and makes space in my head” Anne Vekins

“Have been doing hot yoga for a few months now and find it really good for helping me stay flexible for football and running. The classes are challenging but you feel great afterwards. Recommend it for anybody in sport & prone to picking up injuries” Colm Furey

“I practice hot yoga three times a week and have now given up my gym membership. I have never been more toned or fitter. I love it” Mary